Catalyze your sales.

200+ Service companies in biotech and pharma employ Zymewire to increase sales by automagically coordinating their internal and external data.

Catalyze your sales.

100+ Service companies in biotech and pharma employ Zymewire to increase sales by automagically coordinating their internal and external data.

"Zymewire is a game changer."

Barry, BD at a CRO
"Can't recommend it enough to those of you who target the pharma and biotech sector."
Will, BD at clinical services provider

Meet the newest member of your sales team

Unveil New Sales Opportunities

By coordinating your team’s sales data with industry activity behind the scenes, Zymewire helps you unveil personalized opportunities to grow your business. Much like having a personal assistant, Zymewire identifies highly-tailored sales opps for you so you don’t have to spend hours sifting through a mountain of information.

A Vice-President of Business Development at a life sciences company in the US said, "Thanks to Zymewire, my BD team doesn't waste time on performing extensive research. We're now spending that time on boosting our outbound calls and increasing our face-to-face meetings."

Get more meetings per sales trip

Visualize sales activity happening in a particular geographic region. Make more strategic outreach when planning sales trips, and stay aware of developments within your territory.

A Zymewire user in Singapore mentioned that prior to using the tool, he printed off paper maps of different Asian cities to help him decide where to best focus his efforts for upcoming sales trips. “Zymewire’s mapping feature saves me so much time!”

Illuminate the path to the decision maker

Zymewire leverages the power of your company's professional network to help you quickly get introductions to key decision makers. A Zoominfo integration is baked right into the workflow to help you find missing contact information.

When a longtime Zymewire user in the UK was asked whether the tool has been useful in securing more meetings at an upcoming conference, he responded "What you guys have done is f***ing brilliant. None of us are using [the conference’s] website to plan our meetings as they've got no order or utility to their website. If we didn't have Zymewire we'd be screwed."

Get smarter insights from your CRM

Quickly identify people and companies in your Salesforce pipeline who are mentioned in the news. Never miss out on an opportunity because you missed a crucial piece of information.

Always be prepared for client meetings

Equip yourself with thorough background info before going into a meeting. Let Zymewire do the homework for you so you can be aware of any recent news that may be relevant to your discussion.

Who uses Zymewire?

"Zymewire simply puts all the other prospecting tools available to shame, the map search, account & contact info and streamlined process has definitely increased my productivity. The team is also very helpful any time I have questions. I definitely recommend Zymewire (except to my competitors)!"

Joel - BD @ software provider to life science companies
"Love Zymewire, and can't recommend it enough to those of you who target the pharma and biotech sector."

Will, BD at clinical services provider
"Our company tries to make sure we're coming into client conversations as informed as possible. It's painfully slow searching through life science databases and across the internet to try and prepare for calls or trips. Zymewire was an easy choice for us. My BD team doesn't waste time on performing extensive research. We're now spending that time on boosting our outbound calls and increasing our face-to-face meetings."

Dan - VP Sales, Mid-sized CRO
"Like many B2B organizations, we spend a lot of time looking for companies that would be a good fit for our services. Intelligence systems are available and help to a certain extent, but the information tends be outdated, hard to locate or not accurate. It's a great, easy to use tool and has surpassed all intelligence systems in our industry."

Jen, Sales Operations and Marketing, Mid-sized service provider to biotech and pharma companies
"Zymewire is a game changer. I just spent the last few days preparing an invite list of 750 people for an event to be run in San Fran in February - all through Zymewire."

Barry, Mid-sized CRO

Our Team

Pete Bastedo

CEO & Co-Founder

Pete is a self professed sales geek and has an endless fascination with solving bigger and more challenging problems among the Zymewire client base. He spends most of his days ensuring the rest of the Zymewire team has what they need to be successful: autonomy, cash resources, customer feedback, and hand-picked gifs. Ask him about his Fruitopia sales venture he started in the 8th grade.

Ryan Drake-Stoker

CTO & Co-Founder

A technical leader and manager, solutions architect and full stack developer. He has been cutting code professionally for more than 15 years, building products and leading development/product teams on a wide range of projects from command and control private hire taxi systems long before Uber, to mobile money before the Appstore. Ask him about his honeymoon climbing mountains in the Himalayas and not showering for 2 weeks.

Ange Melhuish

Data Crusher, Developer

Much like the historic journey of humanity itself, Ange comes from a strong background in biology, and has since become immersed in the world of technology. She works behind the scenes crushing data and crawling websites, assisted by the Zymewire bots, to bring the freshest news to users. Ask her about the time she built an automated, wi-fi integrated cat feeder bot.

Ian Hamilton-Burge

Business Development Manager

With a longstanding passion for powerful technologies that improve life and business, Ian was attracted to Zymewire while the company was still in its early stages. Since then, he has worn a range of stylish hats, including data management, customer success, and most recently business development. Ian has worked personally with hundreds of sales professionals in the life sciences, consulting with them to optimize and automate their sales research using Zymewire. Ask him why Hermit crabs make the worst pets.

Stephanie Brown

Director of Culture

Since leading marketing efforts for Zymewire back in 2015, Steph has returned from life abroad in London, where she paved the way for the next chapter of her career in the realm of company culture and employee experience. She loves people more than she loves cheese (which is a LOT), and is thrilled to join the leadership team at a very exciting time in the company's growth. In addition to driving and scaling Zymewire's culture, Steph executes the overall people strategy in alignment with long-term business objectives. Ask her how a cat and a butterfly made her a successful child entrepreneur.

Gordon Jessop

Lead Developer

Gordon is a committed professional and inquisitive technologist. Passionate about art (consumption and creation), sports (on and off the pitch|field|rink|course|court|board), travel (to and fro), and technology (analogue and digital), Gordon was intrigued by the cutting edge future-tech powering the Zymewire platform. You can typically find him in the office working on the bits (all 8 of them) of Zymewire. Dedicated to helping accomplish Zymewire's mission of separating a sales signal from the growing noise, and delivering it at the precise time, via the most convenient channel, ask him about his frequent encounters with Captain John.

Jenny Slater

Customer Success Team Lead

Jenny has been on quite the journey to wind up where she is now as part of the Zymewire team, from overhauling admin systems, to designing therapeutic programs, to ensuring high levels of customer satisfaction. A foundation in psychology, eclectic nature and love for getting to know people have sculpted her motivation to take on new fields and challenges like being a catalyst for success among Zymewire users. Ask her about the time she high-fived a polar bear in a remote community of Northern Canada.

Dennis Xu

Customer Success Team Lead

With a strong background in relationship building and customer success, Dennis is working to provide satisfying customer experiences that can only be rivaled by the likes of popping fresh sheets of bubble wrap or plugging in a USB cord correctly on the first try. Having worked with both small and large organisations around the world, Dennis brings a wealth of fresh ideas to the team. His interests lie in exploring new areas, eating new foods, and doing all the things that cause people to shake their head and mutter "millenials..." Ask him about his revolutionary two-ply project.

Andrew Fletcher

Data Wrangler, Developer

Ask Andrew about the time he accidentally provided refreshments for dozens of tourists on a glacier in Jasper National Park.

Sara El-Talmas

Customer Success - Enterprise

I am a furry animal lover and am passionate about volunteering. Helping others is what I do best, so feel free to reach out to me regarding anything at all. Also ask me about SMILE Canada!

Sean Cannon

Marketing Manager

After developing a background in health sciences, Sean found his way into technology startups, where he worked in a variety of different roles across marketing, sales, and operations. Focusing on marketing, he listens to, and helps the company to communicate with, the market, exploring new opportunities for growth. In his free time, you can find him either at the gym, on the ice, or with a guitar in his hand. Ask him about the time he fell down a mountain.

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