Zymewire launches COVID Collaborators to connect service providers with researchers working on novel treatments and vaccines for COVID-19.
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Catalyze your sales.

200+ Service companies in biotech and pharma employ Zymewire to increase sales by automagically coordinating their internal and external data.

Catalyze your sales.

100+ Service companies in biotech and pharma employ Zymewire to increase sales by automagically coordinating their internal and external data.

"Zymewire is a game changer."

Barry, BD at a CRO
"Can't recommend it enough to those of you who target the pharma and biotech sector."
Will, BD at clinical services provider

Meet the newest member of your sales team

Unveil New Sales Opportunities

By coordinating your team’s sales data with industry activity behind the scenes, Zymewire helps you unveil personalized opportunities to grow your business. Much like having a personal assistant, Zymewire identifies highly-tailored sales opps for you so you don’t have to spend hours sifting through a mountain of information.

A Vice-President of Business Development at a life sciences company in the US said, "Thanks to Zymewire, my BD team doesn't waste time on performing extensive research. We're now spending that time on boosting our outbound calls and increasing our face-to-face meetings."

Get more meetings per sales trip

Visualize sales activity happening in a particular geographic region. Make more strategic outreach when planning sales trips, and stay aware of developments within your territory.

A Zymewire user in Singapore mentioned that prior to using the tool, he printed off paper maps of different Asian cities to help him decide where to best focus his efforts for upcoming sales trips. “Zymewire’s mapping feature saves me so much time!”

Illuminate the path to the decision maker

Zymewire leverages the power of your company's professional network to help you quickly get introductions to key decision makers. Contact search is baked right into the workflow to help you find missing contact information via direct integration with 3rd party contact databases.

When a longtime Zymewire user in the UK was asked whether the tool has been useful in securing more meetings at an upcoming conference, he responded "What you guys have done is f***ing brilliant. None of us are using [the conference’s] website to plan our meetings as they've got no order or utility to their website. If we didn't have Zymewire we'd be screwed."

Get smarter insights from your CRM

Quickly identify people and companies in your Salesforce pipeline who are mentioned in the news. Never miss out on an opportunity because you missed a crucial piece of information.

Always be prepared for client meetings

Equip yourself with thorough background info before going into a meeting. Let Zymewire do the homework for you so you can be aware of any recent news that may be relevant to your discussion.

Who uses Zymewire?

"Zymewire simply puts all the other prospecting tools available to shame, the map search, account & contact info and streamlined process has definitely increased my productivity. The team is also very helpful any time I have questions. I definitely recommend Zymewire (except to my competitors)!"

Joel - BD @ software provider to life science companies
"Love Zymewire, and can't recommend it enough to those of you who target the pharma and biotech sector."

Will, BD at clinical services provider
"Our company tries to make sure we're coming into client conversations as informed as possible. It's painfully slow searching through life science databases and across the internet to try and prepare for calls or trips. Zymewire was an easy choice for us. My BD team doesn't waste time on performing extensive research. We're now spending that time on boosting our outbound calls and increasing our face-to-face meetings."

Dan - VP Sales, Mid-sized CRO
"Like many B2B organizations, we spend a lot of time looking for companies that would be a good fit for our services. Intelligence systems are available and help to a certain extent, but the information tends be outdated, hard to locate or not accurate. It's a great, easy to use tool and has surpassed all intelligence systems in our industry."

Jen, Sales Operations and Marketing, Mid-sized service provider to biotech and pharma companies
"Zymewire is a game changer. I just spent the last few days preparing an invite list of 750 people for an event to be run in San Fran in February - all through Zymewire."

Barry, Mid-sized CRO

Our Team

Pete Bastedo

CEO & Co-Founder

Pete is a self professed sales geek and has an endless fascination with solving bigger and more challenging problems among the Zymewire client base. He spends most of his days ensuring the rest of the Zymewire team has what they need to be successful: autonomy, cash resources, customer feedback, and hand-picked gifs. Ask him about his Fruitopia sales venture he started in the 8th grade.

Ryan Drake-Stoker

CTO & Co-Founder

A technical leader and manager, solutions architect and full stack developer. He has been cutting code professionally for more than 15 years, building products and leading development/product teams on a wide range of projects from command and control private hire taxi systems long before Uber, to mobile money before the Appstore. Ask him about his honeymoon climbing mountains in the Himalayas and not showering for 2 weeks.

Ian Hamilton-Burge

Director of Customer Solutions

With a background in science and a passion for powerful technologies that improve life and business, Ian was attracted to Zymewire while the company was still in its early stages. Since then, he has worn a range of stylish hats helping users in different data management, customer success, and business development roles. Ian currently pulls on experience from all these buckets to ensure that Zymewire's clients are receiving the most actionable insights for growing their sales and helping them tackle larger data-driven initiatives. Ask him about his favourite condiment - he puts that stuff on everything.

Stephanie O’Brien

Director of Culture

Since leading marketing efforts for Zymewire back in 2015, Steph has returned from life abroad in London, where she paved the way for the next chapter of her career in the realm of company culture and employee experience. She loves people more than she loves cheese (which is a LOT), and is thrilled to join the leadership team at a very exciting time in the company's growth. In addition to driving and scaling Zymewire's culture, Steph executes the overall people strategy in alignment with long-term business objectives. Ask her which pizza topping influenced her dog's name.

Gordon Jessop

Lead Developer

Gordon is a committed professional and inquisitive technologist. Passionate about art (consumption and creation), sports (on and off the pitch|field|rink|course|court|board), travel (to and fro), and technology (analogue and digital), Gordon was intrigued by the cutting edge future-tech powering the Zymewire platform. You can typically find him in the office working on the bits (all 8 of them) of Zymewire. Dedicated to helping accomplish Zymewire's mission of separating a sales signal from the growing noise, and delivering it at the precise time, via the most convenient channel, ask him about his frequent encounters with Captain John.

Andrew Fletcher

Data Wrangler, Developer

With a background in yeast husbandry, Andrew has developed an enduring love for the fermented and funky. So, he was naturally drawn to the all funky cats who make up the Zymewire crew. As a member of the data team, Andrew brews only the freshest feeds with the juiciest news. Ask him about the time he accidentally provided refreshments for dozens of tourists on a glacier in Jasper National Park.

Sara El-Talmas

Chief of Staff

Sara is an innately inquisitive individual with a background in sciences, sales, customer success and project management. She spends most of her time ensuring the business stays focused on driving value that aligns to business goals. Ask her about SMILE Canada!

Sean Cannon

Customer Success Operations Manager

After developing a background in health sciences, Sean found his way into technology startups, where he’s experienced a variety of different roles across marketing, sales, and operations. Currently leading Zymewire’s marketing initiatives, he identifies new opportunities for growth and ensures that the company always has a voice. In his spare time, Sean enjoys playing hockey and guitar, lifting weights, and exploring parts unknown. Ask him about his habit of falling down mountainsides.

Marco Petkovski

Product Manager

Marco is a seasoned analytics professional turned Product Manager, passionate about discovering the true needs customers have and delivering solutions that help them make progress. Ask him about literally anything because what he loves most is a great conversation.

Danika Miller - Bouchard

Senior Business Development Manager

Danika spent the early years of her career immersed in sales teams across industries to better understand one thing: What makes them successful. Having found the answer in Zymewire, she spends her days helping business leaders bring a modern approach to their sales growth. Ask her about podcasts!

Andrea McGlinchey

Data Curator

Andrea comes from a lab based background, working as a Scientist on serological infectious disease testing and point of care diagnostics. Andrea loves investigating new companies and her previous experience as an internal auditor has given her a keen eye for detail to curate all the latest news for Zymewire users! Andrea has a strong passion for travelling and enjoys experiencing different cultures and cuisines - Ask her the most unusual foods she has tried.

Melanie Billing

Customer Success Manager - Growth Accounts

With a diverse background in science and software sales and support, Melanie loves to unravel a challenge to help find solutions, ensuring that clients have a top experience and stay connected to progress and growth. Still trying to justify her lifelong love and collection of wrinkly dogs, brightly-coloured running shirts, and MEC adventure gear by spending time out in the elements with them all. Ask her about the time that she rescued a stranded group of paddlers and their lost Kevlar rental canoe in the middle of the backcountry in Algonquin Park, or about the time that she had tea and discussed Australian Rules Football at the Prime Minister of Australia’s home in Sydney. Both were equally windy and wild.

Katie Edmonds

Customer Development Researcher

After completing an undergraduate degree in Life Sciences, Katie decided to make the switch into the wonderful world of engineering. Now she is completing her Masters of Engineering at the University of Toronto, where she is gaining a lot of experience in the development and approval processes of medical devices. As part of the Zymewire team, Katie hopes to use her knowledge of medical devices to help extend the platform in order to address service providers in the medical device sector. Ask her about her cat... or don’t. She’ll likely show you several videos and pictures anyways!

Julia Romero

Data Technician

Julia comes from an academic background in Biochemistry, having worked in diverse areas across cancer research, environmental toxicology, and environmental consulting before joining the Zymewire team. Some of her passions include environmental conservation, early childhood literacy, and making science accessible, fun, and engaging for kids. Julia loves crafting, sewing, and making new things from recycled materials. Ask her about creating custom piñatas from recycled cardboard and paper!

Mark Borndahl

Director of Customer Success

Throughout Mark's 17 years working in the tech space (7 of which have been spent in SaaS companies), there has been one constant - his passion for ensuring the success of his customers. Outside of work, his life is enhanced by his 3 daughters, his weekly old-timer sports leagues, and his ongoing maintenance and upkeep of his black belt in Jiu Jitsu. Ask him about the time he made up the fact that he has a black belt in Jiu Jitsu.

Abhilash Kurup

Senior Software Engineer

Abhilash hails from India, where he was previously running his own services firm to help startups build minimal viable products and take them to market. To gain an understanding of different cultures and to better understand the global technology landscape, Abhilash packed his bags for Toronto and joined Zymewire shortly after. He hasn’t always spent his time tackling code and building systems - he is formerly a college basketball player. Abhilash is also an avid foodie who can often be found YouTube’ing new recipes and Googling restaurants. Ask him why he knows so much about deer.

Sophie Cunningham

Customer Success Manager

Originally from London, Sophie has recently made the big move to Toronto to start her new chapter in this wonderful city. With a degree in Psychology, Sophie has always loved blending her interest in human behaviour with her work. Her passion for helping others solve challenges makes her a natural fit for Zymewire’s Customer Success team. Sophie has an adventurous spirit and loves going ‘off the beaten track’ in her travels, whether its climbing Mount Kilimanjaro or camping on the salt flats of Bolivia. Ask her about her trip across the most dangerous road in the world!

Ping Kan

Customer Success Manager

Ping believes that building strong relationships is the key to success - both professionally and personally. He’s had a variety of experiences throughout his career that showcase his passion for connecting deeply with others: mental health recovery coaching, patient care navigation, and client success. Having transitioned from healthcare to the tech space, he aims to provide the same caliber of genuine care for others as he supports Zymewire customers in surpassing their goals. Outside of the office, Ping enjoys trying new restaurants and evolving his palate, while also collecting tips to improve his culinary skills. Ask him about his favourite go-to karaoke song.

Tyler MacDonald

Customer Success Manager

No stranger to the tech space, Tyler is an experienced customer success manager who believes that the customer should always come first - above all else. He loves working side-by-side with customers to understand their workflows and to show them how to best harness the power of Zymewire, and is passionate about building meaningful relationships. Outside of work, Tyler is passionate about traveling the world and learning about the history and culture of the country he is traveling to. Ask him about his scariest travel experience, or about his love for Hawaiian shirts.

Aliya Ishak

Customer Success Manager

A previous user and raving fan of Zymewire, Aliya’s love for the product led her to want to help other teams be successful in their prospecting efforts. She fell into clinical research having done an undergrad in Biology then a post grad cert in Bioinformatics, and another in Regulatory / Quality Assurance. With 4 years of experience in the space, she is avidly looking for ways to improve customer engagement and ultimately help Zymewire users introduce their pre-clinical and clinical services to Sponsors. Outside of Zymewire, Aliya is a nature person and can be found outside when not binge watching Disney movies or Grey's Anatomy. Ask her about the time she was impaled by a sea creature walking the shorelines of Guyana!

Byambaa Chimed

Senior Software Developer

Originally from Mongolia, Byambaa previously worked as a CTO of his own startup that built web and mobile applications for the Mongolian market. To get out of his comfort zone, he earned the Fulbright Scholarship from the US government to pursue his Master's degree in Computer Science with a desire to gain a deeper understanding of machine learning. He moved to Toronto with his family to explore new opportunities and enjoy the multicultural metropolis. He also likes reading anything related to history. Ask him about the time when he was on the Mongolian version of "The 100K drop" and how he failed to answer the question that related to the cartoon character.

Daniel Thurairajah

Software Developer

In pursuit of his dreams of becoming an astronaut, Daniel completed a Master's Degree in Aerospace Engineering. Somewhere along the way, he realized he was deeply passionate about technical systems and the impact that software has on its users. He shifted his focus towards software development, and is eager to positively impact the lives of Zymewire users right here on planet Earth. Ask him about the sleepover he had in a South African National park, or the time he *almost* won himself a seat on a suborbital space flight!

Jacky Ton

Software Developer

Jacky comes from an academic background in computer science. With a passion for problem solving, he is excited to join the team and tackle the unique problems Zymewire intends to solve. Ask him anything about the game series Super Smash Bros.

Caleb Cook

Customer Success Manager

After graduating from university with a degree in english, Caleb started his career working at an advertising agency, eventually moving to a non profit membership association and most recently a software company providing accounting and human resources solutions to the public sector. A big fan of board games, reading, and cooking, his weekends usually are spent enjoying any of the above with friends or family. Ask him about his time growing up on a farm and which of the barnyard animals was his least favorite!

Amarpreet Singh

Business Development & Marketing Manager

Having led marketing and sales support operations across different continents and industries, Amar has truly been able to live his passion i.e. building professional and personal relationships that he loves to nurture and cherish. At Zymewire, Amar is focused on improving the probability of success for the sales teams across the pharma and biotech industries, and leading marketing initiatives to ensure maximum visibility. In his free time, he loves to travel and cook for family and friends. Ask him about his crazy travel adventures!

Chukwudi Kingsley Aroh

Business Development Manager

With a background in electrical engineering and a successful streak of managing industrial capital projects, Chukwudi’s thirst for knowledge and adventure coupled with his entrepreneurial spirit gave him a desire to develop his business acumen. Having transitioned from project management into business development, Chukwudi is keen on applying his communication and excellent networking skills to develop profound relationships with partners and influence the growth of Zymewire. Ask him about his first real life experience as a firefighter!

Evelina Vancevica

Sales Development Representative

After completing a bachelor’s degree in pharmacology and master’s in stratified medicine, Evelina decided to swap an academic lab bench with the biotech industry. She moved to Canada after spending 7 years in Scotland where she was hunting talents and companies. At Zymewire, Evelina is working as a part of the Customer Acquisition team and helps to introduce new customers to the automagical world of Zymewire. In her free time, she loves playing tennis and exploring neighbourhood coffee houses. Ask her what Harry Potter’s and Princess Anne’s go-to drinks are!

Kevin Saem, PhD

New Market Development Manager - Medical Device

Driven by a strong passion for innovation and solving complex problems, Kevin has taken his medical device research and startup experience to Zymewire. He spends his days understanding the unmet needs in the MedTech industry and bringing solutions to market. Ask him about his early life in Cambodia and his side hustles.

Alec de la Durantaye

Sales Development Representative

Based in Montreal, Alec earned his bachelor's degree from McGill's pharmacology program prior to joining the team. With his business acumen and in-depth knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry, Alec will be working as part of the customer acquisition team to introduce new customers to the world of Zymewire. Ask him about his golf game!

Emily Bastow

Accounting Manager

With a degree in Economics and diverse work experience gained in the UK, Emily moved to Canada in 2013 with her young family. She was offered an opportunity to work with Zymewire and has not looked back since! Growing with the Company to now lead the Accounting function, Emily helps to report the financial performance of the business. She is as passionate about fitness as she is about numbers and most of her spare time is spent lifting or moving something! Ask her about when she earned a decent living dressing up as ‘The Gaffer’ from Tetley Tea at the university.

Silvia Lombardi

Operations Manager

A true believer in rolling up her sleeves & getting the job done, Silvia joined Zymewire after 4 years of contract work with the team. As the Operations Manager, Silvia relies upon her creative nature, cooperative attitude, and diverse work experience to keep things running smoothly at Zymewire. Raised with a strong work ethic and a life mission to be of service to others, Silvia seeks to support and elevate the people and systems around her. Ask her about the summer she hitch-hiked through Italy.

Anne-Marie Bisson

Business Development Manager

Being a tech and data nerd as well as a huge people person, Anne-Marie loves taking complex solutions and making them seem simple to solve key problems for customers. With a background in the pharmaceutical industry, she can relate to the world that customers live in and help them achieve their maximum sales potential with the use of Zymewire. In her free time, you'll find Anne-Marie out in nature doing any type of outdoor activity possible. Ask her about the 116 acres of land that she recently purchased.

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